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About the Project

On June 20, 2017, the Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the 2018-2023 Six-Year Improvement Plan, which allocated $5.4 million to fully fund the Broadview Avenue projects through construction. Warrenton was awarded $5.4 million in grant money is working towards developing a functional and integrated design for Broadview Avenue. This project will create an all around safer environment by:

  • Improving street crossings

  • Calming traffic by reducing speed 

  • Improving intersections

  • Creating safe bike and pedestrian facilities.

The final concept will include not only the safety measures stated above but will also be aesthetically pleasing by incorporating landscaping to compliment our beautiful town. Preliminary engineering work has begun on the project using previous funds. The project design will be presented at a public hearing expected in late summer 2018.  Construction is anticipated to begin in 2022. 

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